Help us make a better Community!

Every month beginning September we will host a Family Night event for the families & friends of the Neighborhood Center. If you’re interested in being an asset to any one of our events please contact Ms. Jasmine for more information.

Dates of Upcoming Events
  • September 18 2019
  • October 22 2019
  • November TBA
  • January 21 2020
  • February 18 2020
  • March 2 2020
  • April 21 2020
  • May 19 2020

To highlight the connects between the Community and the Family & Friends of the Neighborhood Center. Community involvement is very important to the Neighborhood Center, not only to the Neighborhood Center but also to the children we provide for. We Hope to provide amazing experiences as well as networking opportunities for the Community.

To find out more information or how you can help please contact

[email protected]